Welcome! This blog and I were (re)born in the fall of 2012, not long after I became a mother. I'm still trying to figure it all out, but something about giving birth to my son shattered a thousand lies within me. The greatest of these was that my words had no significance and that my voice was best kept silent. 

So, in the wake of my rebirth, I began to write. I wrote as an act of survival, as a way of processing my experiences and caring for myself. I wrote my heart out about motherhood and marriage, about tattoos and writing and simplicity. I wrote to honor the words that came to me in the moment, whatever they were.

Eventually, through writing, I found the courage to speak the deep and haunting truths of my own spiritual identity. 

If you were here right now, knees curled up on the shabby blue couch in my living room, I would even look you in the eyes and say it to you out loud, unashamed: I am a doubter. I am a skeptic, a trouble-maker, a pesky asker of questions without answers. 

I am also a lover of people, a seeker, and deeply spiritual. 

And what I want you to hear most clearly is this: I am now a woman who speaks upI speak up not only for myself, but for all of us who doubt in secret, assuming we are alone. I speak, and I write, because we are not

I write to fling that truth out into the universe. I write for you.

So come on in. No need to knock. This is our place together.

P.S. I'd love to get to know you better! If you want to say hi, email me at alissambc at gmail dot com.