Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Simple Pleasures of December

Here's five things saving my life this month:

1) The Highly Sensitive Person- My most recent personality obsession. I've heard about it for years, but just recently checked the book out from the library and woah! Yeah. I'm that. So is my sister and probably both of my kids. So helpful to feel I have permission to take care of myself in the ways I need. Anxiously awaiting my turn with The Highly Sensitive Child at the library.

2) Let Your Life Speak- This is a reread from several years ago, that has been perfect for my current life phase regarding vocation, identity, spirituality. I enjoyed it even more the second time around and it reminded me of an idea I've heard from a few sources to find an author you really like, read a bunch of their works, then read the works than influenced them, and see where it takes you. Perfect for my Explore year. Currently reading Palmer's A Hidden Wholeness, as well as some Merton and Rilke.

3) Advent- Despite my doubts, advent is honestly my favorite part of the Christmas season. I think because it is a time of serious acknowledgement and deep reverence for the dark parts of our lives, without glossing them over. I love that advent makes space for that and I love that it coincides with the darkest day of the year, because I am all about metaphor. And of course I love that it tends to be a much less consumer-driven, low pressure counterpart to the modern Christmas machine, because I am all about simplicity. And I just love a whole lot about the liturgical year, despite myself.

4) Christmas Break Coffee Dates- Not once but twice over the holiday we got to escape for a couple hours to sip and chat and play ridiculous board games and plan the year ahead. Because grandparents. Even now, just thinking about it makes me faint with happiness.

5) Alaska dreams- My lovely sister, who is an amazing gift giver, gifted us an Alaska travel guide. So now when it feels like my husband and I will never be alone together ever ever ever again, I can sit and imagine celebrating our tenth anniversary in cold quiet wild bliss. It helps. #alaska2019

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  1. Oh a travel guide BOOK! I thought you hadn't told me that your sister saved her pennies to send you on an Alaska trip with a personal guide! Haha

    Seriously though, this was a nice read. Love you!

  2. Yey and Amen for the goodness that is grandparents!
    I've not read anything by Parker J. Palmer yet but recently started following his facebook page, so I'll have to have a look at the two you mentioned above.