Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Simple Pleasures of November

In an attempt to keep my hand in the blogging game, I'm restarting the occasional Simple Pleasures posts. This go around they will just be brief lists of five things that are saving my life that month, because motherhood and high-needs baby and sleep-deprivation. I'll be doing this until I'm not. See reasons above.

1) Yoga with Adriene- Whenever I get 30 minutes to myself, my first thought (after sleep or a shower) is yoga. I've been doing yoga on and off for several years, but after going through her 30 Days of Yoga series this year, I can honestly say for the first time I feel completely empowered to develop my own regular practice, whenever, wherever. Maybe I'll be one of those people doing tree pose in the forest soon. Plus she's quirky, down-to-earth and has a ton of other great quick free videos with titles like "Yoga For When You're in a Bad Mood." What's not to love?

2) Simplicity Parenting- By this I mean the book and the lifestyle, man. We can do less, have less, and helicopter less. I'm all about it. Admittedly, this book probably just puts language to some of the parenting philosophies I already held, but as an enneagram 6, that's actually really helpful.

3) Preschool- Worth every penny. I love it. My kid loves it. Twice a week for a few hours, I can prioritize sleep for my non sleeper and have a little more thinking space in my brain, while my big kid makes friends. He even has a "best girl" like he's the star of some preschool version of Happy Days and last week he learned her name! The intrigue!

4) Dinosaurs- Technically, my three year old is into this (like, really into) but I've been learning a lot, too. As an evangelical kid, mainstream science is kind of something you're taught to be skeptical of, but now that those days are behind me I'm learning I'm actually really fascinated by several fields that I couldn't truly be open to before (i.e. evolution and cosmology). I loooooved this PBS series on early human history and this On Being interview with a cosmologist. Far from threatening my faith, I'm actually more in awe than ever with our universe, and I see that sense of wonder as a very important aspect of my spirituality. And I love that I get to share that with my son as we learn about dinosaurs, especially at a time when I'm not sure what to tell him faith-wise. Now if I can just get him to stop correcting my pronunciations of dino names. Rude. 

5) Surviving a Sleep Thief- Where has this woman been all my life/year? Now when I feel tempted to google sleep straining strategies for the thousandth time, I can just read one of her hilariously honest posts and get on with my life. It also led me down a rabbit hole of high-needs baby mama bloggers and I feel a lot better about my life. 

I just realized that 4/5 of those things have to do with my children, but yeah, that's my current life phase. And yoga!

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