Monday, April 7, 2014

Waiting by Anonymous

I keep waiting

for the face of a thousand angels

congregated in one smile

to chance in my direction

For a song

as intricate as the vibrations

of your throat to the hand

of one who's never known


I keep waiting

for the dropped sentence

on the marble counter

to not cut quite as deep

another spreading


For a sword

to be pulled from

pierced ribs

third intercostal space

the exhale

to release me from

my cage

I keep waiting

as a moth to the flame

shivering in the moonglow

ever chasing

the surety of death

For a key

turned from it's dissonance

harmony jingling

with each flutter of wing

a hazy echo

held in the thinning sky

1 comment :

  1. I love how you ended on "a hazy echo / held in the thinning sky"

    I can almost see the words wisping away as the poem ends.