Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brainerd Mission Cemetery

They have been Christianized.
I have been Christianized.
There is no meaning in this.
Only loss.

Were they given hope
Or only demands?
Probably a little of both.
I have been given a little of both,
Baked into each other like a layer cake,
Covered in Jesus frosting
And cut into modest slices.

How much are we meant to conform?
How much are we required to squelch the fires within
Before we can be deemed safe?

I was once deemed safe.
I am no longer so.
I am dangerous.

I have cut the hanging thread
With my sharpness
And now the whole sweater unravels.

You don't have to tell me.
I will speak it for myself.
I am dangerous.

Like a generation of children
Who might have grown up
Strongly rooted in their own soil.

That kind of dangerous.

The kind you can convert or relocate
But still comes back to haunt you.

How much can we justify in the name of salvation?
Cutting hair?
Extinguishing languages?
Destroying entire identities?

Who cares about the soul as long as it's saved.
Go ahead and sacrifice it on the altar of redemption.

They were dangerous.
I am dangerous.
There is no meaning in this.
Only truth.


  1. Things to think about for sure...

  2. I love this so much. Jesus frosting. That kind of dangerous. Yes.