Thursday, April 10, 2014

At the Foot of the Mountain by Jamie Wright Bagley

Broken white statues lay before us, Greek
columns in fragments on the ground, scattered
           like disjointed
The man, my husband and fellow adventurer,
pressed his palm against mine, nervous but resolute,
retreating with me in desperation
to rescue our battered love.
We were in ruins-                                                      beautiful

ruins with fountains playing
like children, rushing and giggling, bubbling about;
one statue in the center looking like Venus de Milo.
The fragments lay in circular patterns,
spirals ascending                                                       mountainside,

rolling lawn of dark green hues contrasting
the dusty white debris of shattered pillars.
I wanted to reach the summit, no matter the cost.
I sensed what lay atop even as                                    I stood below

I saw the unseen with its message for me:
It was not “come up”
           as I expected,

but “remain”
beside the tall man in a cowboy hat,
shading his eyes and squinting at the sun-
A gentle understanding between                                   myself

and mountaintop.
She knew my desires                                        and my limitations,

meeting me through vision
when my heart could not manage the climb-

a climb that                                                              ceased to matter

for all I knew
was my lover’s hand in mine.

Jamie Wright Bagley lives in Willowbrook, IL with her husband and 3 children. She spends her days homeschooling and caring for her free-spirited offspring. She prioritizes family and simple living. She will never ever turn down a good cuppa tea. In stolen time she writes poetry, fiction, and music. She blogs at and Tweets @BagsEnd04.


  1. I looooove the imagery in this Jamie. Gorgeous.

  2. Lovely, Jamie. Truly. Thank you.

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Jamie.