Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Simple Pleasures of Winter


Settling into a new home, picking paint colors, imagining our dream backyard, the beginnings of toddler autonomy, the first clothesline weather days of the year, quiet Sunday mornings, experimenting with art journaling, making new friends, family visits, contemplating dreadlocks, diagnosing all my loved ones with MBTI (only half-jokingly), meeting Myself for the first time and liking her.


The Sparrow- I haven't been reading a ton of fiction lately, but this came highly recommended by a friend who thought I might relate to the spiritual themes of the book. I certainly did, and the wild premise (a Jesuit priest on a mission to an alien planet) kept me interested as well. I enjoyed it so much I even checked out the sequel.

Hush, Don't Say Anything to God- As part of my newfound spiritual freedom, I have given myself permission to explore perspectives on God from faith traditions different from my own. The poems of Rumi completely swept me off my feet and have had a profound effect on my spirituality.

Pastrix- This book was so refreshing for me. It was the first book in a long long time written by an enthusiastically Christian author whose words I could swallow. Nadia Bolz Weber is such a beautiful, irresistible mix of redeemed and liberated, I couldn't help but embrace her message.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter- Whew. This one was intense for me, rich with insight and dense with transformation. Within the first few pages I knew I would be returning to it a second time, not only as a reminder, but also in anticipation of what else it may have to say to me in a later season. Looking forward to reading her bestseller The Secret Life of Bees someday as well.


This is an oldie, but it's been so true to life for me lately that I've had it on repeat:

"There was a dream and one day I could see it
Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it"


The Up Series, which has documented the lives of a group of British children every seven years since 1964, completely fascinates me. If you can get over the intrusive interviewer, each one is well worth a watch. Drinking Buddies had me reflecting on (and thankful for) the differences between my husband and I. I also went through a phase of binge watching/gushing over How the Universe Works, because mystery and space and dark matter.

(All these films can be found on Netflix.)


I always have such a tough time with this section because I read so many unbelievable pieces of writing in the span of three months, but if I could share with you only two things, they would be this and this:


All my best writing lately has come out of facing the truth of my spiritual doubts. Back in December, I wrote this piece on Miley Cyrus and doubt for Patrol Magazine, and more recently I wrote my own Doubter's Manifesto. But my absolute favorite piece of the past three months is this one, on how I am freeing my self from spiritual formulas. I've also really enjoyed the interviews in the new Women on Writing series I'm doing. If you're a fellow writer, they're definitely worth checking out!

Here's to finding some beauty in our remaining bits of winter! What have you been your favorites of the last three months?

*Delighted to be linking up with Leigh Kramer once again!*


  1. The Sparrow is one of my favorite books!! Excited to find another fan. :)

    1. So good to hear! I don't know why it's not mentioned more!

  2. That Lily Myers spoken word piece is AMAZING. Love.

    1. I know, RIGHT?! I can't tell you how many times I've watched it.

  3. Just added Pastrix to my to-read list. The cover alone makes me want to read it. Thanks for the recommendation. The Avett Brothers are my faves and Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise is fantastic. Actually, pretty much everything on I + Love + You is fantastic :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shana! You're going to love Pastrix.

  4. Noticed the "diagnosing loved ones with MBTI," which I love. What's your indicator? I've found my personality descriptions, as well as thinking through the different components and where I fall within each, has been very affirming and educational. It's helping me respect and honor who I am.
    --INFJ, signing off...

    1. I'm an INFJ too! For me it explains everything. So glad its been good for you too. I think that's very INFJ of us. ;)