Monday, December 2, 2013

Simple Pleasures of November


This was a fairly quiet, reflective month for us compared to October. We did join a few of our friends for a semi-annual weekend gathering at a farmhouse, visited a dear friend while he was in a nearby city, and saw my family for Thanksgiving. But otherwise, we kept things pretty uneventful and homey. I recently decided to take a break from church, so that's had me taking stock of my faith and figuring out where I go from here. It sounds scary, but it's actually really really good. Also, we're attempting to buy our first home again this month, so that's kept us busy. If all continues to go well, we'll be moving a few blocks away right before Christmas. Cray-cray! Meanwhile, after months of contemplating it, I'm starting to think seriously about grad school and what that would look like for our family. Any other mamas out there doing the SAHM/student combo? I'd love your thoughts/advice on making it work.

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Optimistically picking paint colors, silence, sweet potatoes, baby kisses, first words, laughing 'til it hurts with the people who know how to make me, surprising my favorite one with a movie date, audio books in the car, running because I can, eating sweets because I can.


Thrashing About With God- Freedom, so much freedom written in the pages of this book. Mandy Steward's words gave me the freedom to honestly explore my spirituality and to embrace the tumultuousness of my emotions. It took me a while to get used to the lack of structure, but that's life, eh? In the end, I think the disorganization made the freedom that much more beautiful.

The Memoir Project- This was one of the suggested reading in my Story 101 class. Memoirs have been my go-to book genre for as long as I've been aware of having one, so it was really fun to learn about the process. I took a ton of notes and have, more than once, heard her advice in my head as I write. I may or may not have one in the works.

Jesus Feminist- I said a little something about this one here. Let me also say that this book is beautifully written, gracious, illuminating, and that I very much agree with its contents. But. It took me a while to get through, only because Sarah Bessey is so genuinely and breathtakingly in love with Jesus, and I'm just... not there right now. In summary: the book is lovely, my heart is fickle.

The Dark Night of the Soul- I wrote about this one here. If you find yourself struggling with doubt or God's absence, it's a must read. Promise.

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Confessions of a Recovering Cynic by Micah J. Murray


Things were pretty quiet around here this month, but I liked it that way for a while. I'm now back to having to many words and not enough time. This month I wrote about feminism, quietness, skipping church, and my dark night.

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