Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Simple Pleasures of Autumn


O life. In the past two months we found and nearly bought our dream house then had our hopes crushed when the inspection revealed it to be a lemon. O well. Que sera, right?

In other news, we have been thoroughly enjoying the beauty of fall this year, both as a family and with friends. Our small group went on a lovely little retreat together and Andy and I spent a beautiful weekend away to celebrate another year together.

I also used some birthday money to sign up for the current session of Story 101, a writing class taught by the lovely Elora Nicole, which has been a huge source of inspiration and community for me these past couple months. I am so grateful to be learning in the presence of so many brave and talented writers and I can't even begin to tell you how the class has revolutionized my creative process.


Talking doubt and hell over breakfast with a couple gals who really get me, the excellent book request program at our local library, watching babies become toddlers, deepening friendships, carving pumpkins, baking for loved ones, cold mornings, and long hikes in the woods.


Unconditional Parenting- I'm not one to read a lot of parenting books, but the ones I do make time for, like this one, usually come very well recommended. I found it highly educational and extremely helpful as I begin to explore possible alternatives to traditional discipline. I'll probably check it out again for a refresher once I at least have a preschooler.

Every Shattered Thing - A breathtaking work of YA fiction by the aforementioned lovely Elora. The subject matter is not for the faint of heart, but if you can face it, take it slowly and this book will leave you trembling with hard truths.

The War of Art and Zen in the Art of Writing were both suggested reads for my Story 101 class that I was lucky enough to find at the library. While neither would probably make a list of my favorite books on writing, I definitely walked away with several great nuggets of wisdom from each, particularly The War of Art.

Two of the books I've read so far this fall, however, did make it to my list of very favorite books ever, Bird by Bird, which I wrote about here, and When We Were on Fire, which I wrote about here. Obviously, I highly recommend each of them.

currently reading --------->


This great On Being interview with Nadia Bolz Weber made me really want to read her book. I also listened to the audio version of Wild Mind for Story 101. It's not my favorite way to tackle a book, but the efficiency can't be beat when you're chasing a baby around the house! And I've been fairly uninspired in the music arena lately, so I will gladly take any recommendations you've got.


The best movie I watched this fall was the beautifully honest The Kings of Summer. I think everybody who is, was, or knows a teenage boy should watch it.

I've also been faithfully keeping up with Parenthood and Parks and Rec on hulu. And I don't care what anybody says, I've watched every season of Sister Wives available on Netflix. The social commentary is irresistible, folks.


Come Hither Men, for I Have Sex Demons by Grace Biskie

Sometimes I Wish I Were White by Osheta Moore

From the Wife of a Queer Man by Anonymous

The Introverted Mother by Sarah Torna Roberts

For Whites (Like Me): On White Kids by Jennifer Harvey

Get To Work by Nish Weiseth

Does It Matter? by Settle Monroe


In September, I wrote about my mother heart turning one year old, how my single friends make me a better parent, attending church as a doubter, and rediscovering wonder.

This month, I was lucky enough to guest post for both D.L. Mayfield and A Beautiful Mess. I also commemorated our fourth anniversary and wrote about the flickering out of my "on fire" days for the amazingly honest and redemptive synchroblog hosted by Addie Zierman. If the stories of the highly disillusioned but somehow still faithful sounds like something that would interest you, please go check them out.

*Always a pleasure joining in on Leigh Kramer's What I'm Into link up.*


  1. Hi there! The War of Art is on my to-read list :) Bird by Bird is a big favorite of mine - I might even re-read it this month! :) When We Were on Fire was one of my favorite books from last month - so good! I love reading through all of the What I'm Into posts, and really enjoyed yours! Hope you have a great November!

  2. Glad you're enjoying Elora's Story Sessions! She's such a gifted teacher and writer. Bird by Bird and When We Were on Fire are also favorite books of mine. I reread the last few paragraphs of Bird by Bird whenever I need a writing pick-me-up.