Friday, August 30, 2013

Simple Pleasures of August


This month we woke up from the dream of summer break and my husband headed back to a classroom full of 14 year-olds. I'll never know how he does this. It's bittersweet because of course we miss him terribly, but also I somehow turn completely lazy and unproductive when he is home, so it's nice to be back in a rhythm and getting. stuff. done. for a change.

Also this month was my birthday. I love birthdays for the excuse to spend some quality time with my husband, reconnect with friends, and reflect on the past year of my life. This birthday was a milestone because of how much change I've seen in myself over the last year. Twenty-six has potential to be my favorite year yet.


Unlimited blueberries from a Saturday of picking with a dear friend, morning bike rides around the neighborhood with my little one, Sunday morning sermons and communion for the first time in years, and planning a little celebration for my favorite nearly one-year old.

And this guy loves baths. 

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide- Every human being on the planet should read this. It's that important.

War and Peace (Book One)- I did it! Kind of. And then I abandoned it. Hopefully I can return before I forget everything and have to start over.

Currently reading ------------->


Earlier in the month I listened to a few Jonathan Martin sermons and I've also been listening to Pray-as-you-go each morning while I make the baby's breakfast. Both have been very refreshing for me.

Afternoon kill-time-till-Dad-gets-home dance party music consists of the children's albums of Ziggy Marley, Laura Veirs, and Jack Johnson on Spotify. It's kids music you'll actually want to turn on.


We chose Sherlock to fill the void The Office left, which was good, but I kind of regret adding another television show to the list of things I feel invested in.

For my birthday, I was surprised with a dinner and a movie date, with the choice of The Great Gatsby (which I've wanted to see for months) and The Way Way Back (which I've wanted to see for weeks). I chose the latter because it's rare that I get to see a movie while everyone is still talking about it. Worth it. It's definitely a good pick for conversation over ice cream afterward. : )


I always love an overwhelming amount of things in the category, but these are the ones that felt most important to me this month:

How choosing peace at home can stop the war in Syria by Emily Wierenga

What I Won't Tell You About My Ballet Dancing Son by Ashleigh Baker

Christians and Education Inequality: An Interview with Nicole Baker Fulgham by Rachel Held Evans

Why Picking Your Berries for $8,000 A Year Hurts A Lot by Eliza Barclay

Women WILL save the world by Elizabeth Esther

Stop Turning "Devotions" into Dogma: reflections on how we read the bible by Kurt Willems

And This is Also About Submission by Ester Emery

I also happened upon a new little blog, wandering into the woods, that I've enjoyed several posts from this month. If you're looking to support or read more little-known but well-written blogs, check this one out.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. :)

  2. How did you like The Great Gatsby movie?

    1. O I haven't seen it. I chose The Way Way Back instead. Recommend that one though!

  3. Half the Sky changed my life. I want to give it to every person that I know. I'm so glad to see others recommending it! I've wanted to see The Way Way Back - I'll have to do that soon. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Yes! Go see it in September so I can read your thoughts next month! : )

  4. Kudos to you for even trying to read War and Peace! I'd like to try reading more Russian lit...some day.

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

  5. Hello, I haven't read Half the Sky yet, but I need to. I watched the documentary before going on a mission trip to Thailand this summer. It was powerful- the documentary and the trip. Also, I have been thinking a lot about how we make our relationship with Christ a list of rules, like have a daily quiet time. I appreciate the link to Kurt Willems article. Aside, from that we read a lot of the same blogs! Amy (

  6. Enjoyed your post. I have to say, when I first read it, your post about writing ontologically came up at the end where there are post suggestions. REALLY enjoyed that one! I LOVE Madeleine, she's my favorite author - and Circle of Quiet is so wonderful. I read that book so long ago, that I really loved finding that quote and wrote it down to think on as well. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for reading, Sarah! Isn't that such a great passage? I go back to it every time I feel insecure about writing. Such a good reminder.