Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Listen

For once I want to actually do it. Put everything aside to live in a world of quiet. I want to find a secluded place, out in the wild, where only the sounds of nature fill my ears, and soak it all in. I want to lean in and listen to the sound of my one and only little baby, babbling as he scurries across the floor. I want to still my thoughts so I can listen and really hear my husband's carefully chosen words, and even more, to understand their true meaning. Yes. That is what I will take this month for. Less writing and scurrying and catching up so that I can soak up a few weeks of listening. That feels right.

Five Minute Friday


  1. nice!

    Visiting from FMF!

  2. The sound of nature--owls hooting at dusk, wheat stirring and sometimes crackling in the breeze turned to wind, turtles crossing the road down by the creek. Sometimes I forget what a blessing it is to hear and to see the sunset on the horizon every evening. It's been awhile since I lived in the cityscape, but at times I still miss the sounds unique to a bustling city. Listening is indeed, more than just hearing. ;)