Monday, April 29, 2013

Guest Post: Married to a Type B personality

Today, I am delighted to be guest posting over at All Things Beautiful for the lovely Alyssa's "Married to a..." series, all about the things we learn from our spouses. If you're visiting from All Things Beautiful, welcome! I hope you'll stick around for a bit and say hello.

When my husband Andy and I first met, I'm pretty sure there's no way he thought I was a Type A. I was a freshman in college, he was a sophomore, and we were both complete ragamuffins, still teenagers really. We were dirt poor in that bearable college student type of way, running around in dirty clothes and unwashed hair, scrounging up money for gas and sundaes at Dairy Queen. We bonded over our shared faith and passion for social justice and simplicity, and soon became best friends, skipping class and driving around town listening to ska music in his beat up minivan.

Despite these commonalities, it wasn't long into our dating relationship before some of our differences became very clear.

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