Monday, March 18, 2013

*Commercial Break*, or Some Focal Points for Blogging

After a couple months revisiting blog writing, I feel the need to reorient myself, to cut to a commercial, shake it off, and pull it together. Things in motherdom have been a little crazy lately, but I want (and for my mental health, need) to devote more time to reflection and writing. I've decided to start setting aside one post-bedtime night each week to finding a couple of undivided hours to write my little heart out. There are so many directions that I could go with this time, but after thinking about it, a few aspects stand out as most important to me in my writing. These are the things that I want this blog to be focused on moving forward.

1) Good writing. I'd rather spend a lot of time saying a few things well than waste my time spitting out tons of poorly written jibber jabber. I feel like a lot of my best writing comes from extensive contemplation and deep, real life experiences, so in the future I'm going to try to focus more on processing the things, people, and events in my life that have affected me most profoundly. I think I have a disk lying around somewhere with a lot of my writing from my year living in Pine Ridge, South Dakota that I would love to archive here as a reminder of my writing identity. I'd also like to finally put down some of my thoughts on those crazy first days of motherhood that I've been aching to write about for a while now.

2) Truth. I want to stay true to myself, my experiences, and my feelings. There are a lot of voices out there in the blogosphere and I am constantly finding myself wanting to walk down someone's else well-trod path, both with my voice and my content, but the last thing the world needs is another voice that sounds just like someone else's. I want to write from the core of who I am and what I care about. In my heart of hearts, I am not a product reviewer, an advice columnist, a current events commentator, or a trendsetter, but I am an open book, an honest voice, a listening ear, and a mourner with those who mourn, among other things.

3) Simplicity. This has become kind of a buzzword, so I will spell out what it means for me: Less clutter, both in my physical environment and my mental one. Less money spent on things our family can do without and less time spent consuming information that doesn't make a difference in our lives. Establishing a rhythm to our days that finds room for relationships and creativity. I want this blog to be a space where I can keep myself accountable to this kind of simplicity and record my experiences in my efforts to find it.

Hopefully, if I can remember to put these things first when I sit down to make posts, and if I can make more any time for interactions with other bloggers, and maybe even get a little feedback/inspiration, I will get this space headed in the right direction.

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