Thursday, November 22, 2012


I tend to prefer the word gratitude to thankfulness. Thankfulness reminds me more of a once-a-year obligation, or proper etiquette, or a brief note following a gift. Those things are good, but gratitude is a mindset, a daily lifestyle. When you're truly grateful for something, it lingers. It doesn't wax and wane based on your life circumstances that day or month or year. You feel it despite life's normal ups and downs, despite the everyday annoyances. It's a deep contentment in your soul that you can't help but dwell on when life slows down. That's how I feel about this guy:

I'm talking about the grown man here, not the baby. Though he's pretty swell, too. Check out that snarl!
I'm thankful for all the little things he does each day: The way he looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful no matter how many times I roll my eyes; How hard he works each day so that I can do my dream job, and how intentional he is about making time for family each day in spite of his busyness; How tender he is with our little son, and how sensitive he is to my needs at the end of the day. But, even on the days when our relationship isn't as picturesque and I feel a little frustrated, I am still so truly grateful, for his constant presence in my life. I am grateful to have a partner to go through life with. I am grateful to have a mirror reflecting my true nature back at me. I am grateful to have a picture of God's love and dedication towards me, when I can't see or feel God on my own, especially when He seems absent for months, years at a time. I am grateful for a husband who God uses to hold my faith together.

What are you grateful for in your life? And don't forget to read how some other folks are blessed! 


  1. This is lovely. Thank you for posting it. :)

    1. Thanks, Larissa! Hope you are doing well! And congrats on your marriage!