Tuesday, May 10, 2011

As usual, millions of things have happened since my last post.

As usual, millions of things have happened since my last post. Big things. Utterly wonderful life-changing things. For one, Andy was accepted into this really great program called TEACH/Here. They put science/technology/engineering/math majors through a fast track graduate program in education, during which they co-teach in a local public school. They are provided with a stipend through their year in graduate school and if they commit to four years of teaching in the public school system after graduating, their degree is completely paid for! Needless to say, we are pretty excited about that. Two, I graduated college last week! B.A. in English. 3.8. Done. Not much more to say about that. THREE, I have had a really great internship the past few months that has turned into a full time job! I am doing writing and public relations for the Austin Hatcher Foundation. I do things like write the Foundation press releases and newsletters, manage the Foundation's social media accounts, etc. I will eventually even be doing some grant writing. I couldn't love my job and the people I work with more, so I am excited about this new way to spend my days.

So, these are our lives now. For the next five years, Andy and I will be in Chattanooga while Andy becomes a Middle School math teacher (those are going to be some lucky middle schoolers if you ask me). Andy will start his new endeavor at the end of June and I will officially start mine on Monday. What we thought would be a short stop in Chattanooga has become an extended stay. And we are okay with that. The friends we have made here, the sense of community we have been given, give us a peace about prolonging our time here. Maybe we'll even stick around after the five years are up. Who can say? It is baffling enough to have a glimpse of what our lives will likely look like five years from now. No need to look any further at this point.

Today, as with many of our days lately, we are overwhelmed by how much our lives have changed since we got married. All you have to do is read a few posts back to understand the uncertainty we felt then. Not knowing how to pay the rent, wanting desperately for Andy to find, first any job, and then a job he loves, not knowing whether we should move or stay, not knowing what the next year, even the next week, held, not knowing if we would ever be ready for a family. Our lives have changed from a giant question mark to a long sigh of relief. Still, I cherish those months of Andy and I facing the world together, with only each other's presence to anchor us. I think they were so important to our relationship and to the peace we feel now. Knowing that we can- and have and will- survive the tough moments, makes these moments even sweeter.

So, on to the challenges we will face in this new phase of life, the hard questions we will be forced to ask, the sacrifices we will have to make, and the people that will be present through all of it. Despite the many questions that have finally been answered, life is still a profound mystery to us. Who knows how we will change in the years ahead, how our dreams and goals will morph with the experiences that come our way, or how our present wisdom will become foolishness?

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